A Closer Look at Compression Sleeves for Basketball

A compression arm sleeve, often referred to as a shooting sleeve is an accessory that is becoming increasingly popular on the basketball court, with the ever-growing popularity being fueled by a number of high profile NBA stars.

Shooting sleeves are often referred to as basketball sleeves, arms sleeves or even shooter sleeve, however they originate from compression sleeves that are often used for medial purposes

History of shooting sleeves in the NBA:

Allen Iverson was the trailblazer in terms of bringing the shooter sleeve into popularity throughout the NBA, and he was in fact the first individual to wear the accessory in the NBA, during the 2000-01 season.

It is suggested that Iverson initially wore the shooting sleeve to assist a bursitis condition of his right elbow. Due to Iverson’s popularity and elite standing within the game, the accessory began gathering cult fashion status. It was not too long until fans began sporting sleeves in the stands, and a swag of other NBA players followed suit soon after.

What do shooting sleeves do?

  • Medically, compression sleeves have been used for many years as a way to treat medical issues such as:
    • To reduce pain and swelling, particularly in post-operative settings
    • To reduce movement and thus prevent aggravation of an arm injury
    • Support damaged or healing ligaments and muscles
    • Control swelling of the arm that is brought on by lymphedema, a common swelling issue associated with patients being medically treated for breast cancer.

How do shooting sleeves assist basketball players?

Although the exact benefits of using a basketball arm sleeve are still un-proven, many of the long-standing medical uses for compression sleeves indicate a sound rationale for their use during games of basketball. Common reasons for wearing a shooting sleeve include:

  • Maintain warmth in a shooting arm
  • Compression, which assists with healing injuries
  • Assist shooting form by aiding in a straight shooting elbow
  • Cover up or prevent wounds, cuts and abrasions

Cynics of the benefits of shooting sleeve use often argue that the use of shooter sleeves is more commonly due to sponsorship deals, players wanting to be stylish and make a fashion statement, or even to cover up offensive tattoos.

Best Health and Beauty Career Options to Consider

Some people just love to look good and make other people look and feel good as well. In these times, establishing a career in the health and beauty industry is pretty smart because it is continuously flourishing. Running a Kayak business is one example of a health and fitness industry career, but there are plenty of other options as well.

The reason for this is not just because people go to salons and popular gyms more often, but also because different works are being professionalized. There is also an ever-increasing uptake in fitness in general, with home-based exercise options such as exercising on exercise bikes becoming more and more popular. The exercise and fitness industry is booming!

Women who love to put make-up or style others’ hair can have access to formal training to professionalize their work. This leads them to gain more skills and knowledge and become more effective on their job. If you think there are already so many people in this industry, then think again.

There are still so many options out there for you.

Beauty Industry

What’s best about having passion for hair styling and make-up is that you could earn well while doing what you love. The hair industry is dynamic, and it is not limited to just hair styling, though stylists are in demand. You can also do administrative work by being salon managers.

For guys, barbers also have lucrative income especially if they have already gained the necessary experience. Barbers who are good at their job are loved by their loyal customers that they are the ones who go and find them. Make-up artists are also in demand, and they can earn well by working for celebrities and reputable studios.

Heath-related Careers

The health and beauty industry is a broad industry. The popular jobs in this industry include spa and gym works, but it is a dynamic field. A phlebotomist is also from this industry.

You may not be familiar with this job, but a phlebotomist is a medical professional who draws blood from a patient for laboratory testing. This could be a part of the job of a nurse or medical technician, but there are workers who specialize solely in the field of phlebotomy. If you are a fitness buff, you can become a gym instructor or trainer. There are trainings you can take to be qualified for this job.

Training is necessary to acquire more skills for the career you want to venture into. The health and beauty industry is filled of hardworking people who have the right talent and skills. But more importantly, they are first passionate of what they do. This passion led them to what they are doing now, and this is also what will lead them to excel more on their career.

A Close Look At Home Fitness & Rowing Machines

Review Of The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine


Rowing machines are very important elements to have in our homes and are affordable, highly gentle on the body and suitable for all ages.

One of the greatest benefits to rowing machines over other forms of home gym equipment is their light-weight design. Rowing machines are far lighter in general compared to many of the larger recumbent and other exercise bikes on the market and the occupy less space as compared to a treadmill.

What is the best rowing machine?

You will get a perfect cardiovascular workout from the Lifespan Fitness RW1000 rowing machine, and some toning advantages for your entire body parts, and it is highly impossible for you to injure yourself. The following are some of the features as well as the pros and cons of this home rower.


This machine can be used by users of up to 300 pounds total weight, which is held by a strong and durable steel frame. The LifeSpan protects the frame and has a 5 year warranty, which is a better offer for this good piece of home fitness equipment.

The LifeSpan is made up of 5 resistance levels. This consists of a magnetic brake resistance and an eddy current drive system hence it is very smooth and quiet while in performance. For more comfort, the hand grips have extra padding and the foot pads have top straps which are designed such that they can swivel.

The console is digital, but of course is not a backlit; therefore you will require enough lighting in your home so that you can be able to read the display. This display will provide details like time, distance, calories burned, strokes per minute and also the stroke count.

The rower does not have complex parts to assemble together and it even comes with the necessary tools required for assembly so it should not take a lot of time to assemble it regardless of your experience.

The dimensions of the machine while open or not folded are 87Lx19Wx23H, and 34Lx19Wx64H when folded.

The seat is highly comfortable and large. It is ergonomically designed with an injected foam cover. The size of the seat is 27.9cm to 36.8 cm. it moves easily on the rower such that shorter people do not have an issues when using this machine.

As compared to other expensive machines, this one sells at a cheaper price of 499 US$ hence it’s affordable to many people. However this price varies but Amazon seems to have the lowest price.


The number one advantage of LifeSpan RW1000 rowing is its simplicity. It is the right equipment for those who get confused by complex high tech workout machines.

This is a home rower that you can set up easily and start your daily practice. It gives anything required like easy glide, smooth and efficient workout.


The common demerit which is as a result of poor design is the durability of the pedal. Also the straps for several users’ breaks hence some of them have to be replaced more than once. Those with little small feet may find it hard to firmly keep their feet on the pedal while rowing.

In addition, this machine may look soft for people who are beginning their process of working out. Also those who are in perfect physical condition may find that there is no sufficient resistance to give them a challenge.


  • Super-quiet
  • Solid steel frame
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Can fold up in seconds for storage
  • Comfortable to use
  • Comes with wheels
  • Smooth rowing motion
  • Can be used for taller and shorter people


  • Below average fitness monitor
  • Poorly written instructions
  • Not suitable for people of high fitness levels

Customer complaints and final say

This machine received a rating of 4.2 and 5 stars in Amazon making it  a well-rated rowing machine compared to many other models available. The current users love the way it folds up simply when it is not being used and also the quick assembly.

They always appreciate its durability and many times they recommend to any person who is looking for a quality rowing machine. Customers who have bought this machine are still satisfied with the performance of their rowing units; because it is cheap, folds easily, very compact, has a clear readout display and has long good life.